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Are you trying to Sell or Rent your Property ?

In today's market, selling or renting a property can be very complicated, expensive and often frustrating. What you should know before you sell your property ?
How much, can you get for your apartment ?
What is the time frame to sell the apartment ?
Marketing strategy and costs ?
If you are not able to sell by yourself, how to select a seller agent ?
Marketing and selling a property takes more than Just Listing in MLS and waiting for other agents to sell it for you. It needs aggresive, innovative marketing skills and, hard work in today's marketplace. If you need a free evaluation of your property, please feel free to send an email. to puru@downtownrealty.ca

Selling a home is a Major Financial Transaction. To Navigate the smooth transaction, you need an Agent, who is qualified, and knows your area and close to your Property.

    To help you sell your home quickly and profitabley, I, as your seller agent will assist you as follows:

    • Aid you in determing your condo / home's worth. Educate you about the recent sales in the bldg or neighbourhood
    • Explain the Pricing Strategy - Selling time frame
    • Explain which home improvements will pay off and which do not.
    • Advise you on preparation of the condo/home to increase the Sales/Market appeal.
    • Develp a suitable marketing approach that is specifit to your need.
    • Update you regularly about the market reaction and traffic and interest generated for the property.
    • Help you with the intricacies of negotiating an offer to ensure a successful transaction

Why your condo or home is not selling ?

  • Over Priced Listing
    Overpricing is the most common reason why the homes or condos are not selling. When you insist on a price higher than the appraised market value, the property remains in the market unsold. Lot of visits to your property, but no offers, or offers with low price. Keeping the property idle in the market will cost money in terms of maintanance fee, taxes, and interest, and not to mention the anxiety.
  • Your condo or home doesn't show well as the other competitor in your neighbourhood
    It is important to fix all the defects in the your home or condo before you list. Paint, clean, and furnish and decorate the home or condo tastefully. Buyers first impresion is very important. If they are not impressed at the first sight, they won't visit again or consider to evaluate in their buying decision. Cosmetic work is not expensive. A good real estate agent will advise you, how best you can spend money to do the cosmetic work. Sometimes little work can fetch higher price and quicker sale.
  • You are in a bad location.
    In realestate "Location Location Location " is an ancient "Mantra". Nothing has a greater effect on your property value than its location. (i.e desirable Neighbourhood, view, easy accessable to subway, bus, school, market, hospitals etc..)
  • Ineffective Marketing.
    Gone are the days when an agent list the property in the MLS and wait for other agents to sell. Agents work with low commission will not be able to do any other marekting efforts. In order to sell your property, property should be exposed to the market with all possible channels. You have to battle the market conditions such as buyers market, sellers market, and other unpredicable market situations such as bald cold whether, economy, interest rates, public optimism or pessimism in realestate.
  • You have a lousy Listing agent.
    Your agent promised higher price than any body, lowest commission, and he or she got your listing. Months passed and property not sold !!!.

Remember "Good listing is half sold". It is important that your agent is honest and hardworking, polite and very cooperative with all the agents, and has time and energy to give best attention to your property.

Why you should choose me and REMAX to market and sell your property ?

1. REMAX Globally recognized professionals
2. REMAX The largest referral network of buyers with the Real Estate Industry with over 60,000 professionals, Remax realtors are in more than 37 Countries in the World.
3. Realtors' role is to promote a property to as many potential buyers as possible. Once the property has been exposed to the wide market area, it generates the offers !!!. A skilled agent will try to negotiate the best price for the Vendor.
4. At REMAX CONDOS Plus Corporation, all listings are promoted with our Five Star marketing program.


All Listings are Listed with the MLS System. Each Listing is promoted at the company website, and also promoted through my website, and also listed with other various websites, which gets worldwide exposure.

Now every listing is promoted with our "Picture Tour" Program, additional pictures of the property highlighting the views, individual rooms, and floor plans etc. These picturers appear in the website, and Feature sheets for promotion on showings.

Each listing appears as a window card in our backlit window display. Thousands of people view these listings each month. The Harbour Front receives a million visitors a year.Remax condos Plus has more than 55 Sales people.

All Listings are promoted in Local news paper, Resale Homes, Real Estate publications, etc...

All Listings are promoted in our monthly mailing list circulated in downtown.

I will review all offers, and advise you the pros & cons of the offer, and make necessary changes, and negotiate for higher price.

In today's market only 32% of all listings on the MLS sell, but at Remax Condos Plus Corporation, we sell 82% of our listings. What sells your property ? a) Maximum exposure to the market. b) Setting right Price.

If you are thinking of selling your property, please feel free to give me a call me for a free evaluation.

Interested ? Don't hesitate to send me an email at purush@downtownrealty.ca or call me at (416) 558 3538

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Thank you.

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